Dan Palladino/ TC project

Dan Palladino and I have been writing tunes together for a couple of years now. We are doing some pre-production work with bassist Dave Hofstra and drummer Karl Latham. The material is a mixture of styles but with a jazz/ improvised base. It sure is fun! We are hoping to have a record out at some point next year.



Words by Pranati
Compiled and arranged by Todd Collins
October 2013

“The breath is not just for breathing.”


“The speed of sound travels very slow. I’ll say something today but you may not hear it for weeks, months or years.”

“Teaching takes up little time. Learning takes forever.”

“Learn how to learn.”


“Make a qualified movement. Move with purpose.”

“Lift your sternum”


“Open your chest”
“Extend your side ribs”

“Lift the abdomen walls”

“Extend through the heel”
“Extend through the inner foot”
“Relax the foot”

“Straighten the arms”

“Bend the knee”

“Be firm, not rigid”


“Efficiency of effort”

“Turn resistance into assistance”
“Optimum not maximum”


“Breathe through the back of your knee.”
“Breathe through the back of the thigh.”
“Your breath is a tool”



“Body, mind and breath”


“What is the mind-set behind the movement… or words… or actions?”

“There is a difference between taking and receiving.”
“When offered something, don’t take, accept with humility”

“Taking arms are shorter than Giving arms.”

“Are YOU doing it on the body or is the body doing it ON YOU?”



“There is a difference between conflict and opposition.”

“Arrogance is the seat of Ignorance.”

“Purpose determines form”
“Every movement has consequence.”

“In order to open the body, you have to open your mind.”
“It is not about stretching, it is about connecting.”
“Integration of body parts”
“Subtle over gross”
“Complex not complicated”


“Efficiency of effort.”

“Less activity but more action”

“Freedom in effort and effort in freedom”

“Seeing is not Believing.”
“Pose and re-pose”


“Truth cannot be imparted. Truth must be experienced.”
“Taste the nectar of the pose”

“It brings Quietness to the mind and body”
“You have to understand time in order to transcend it.”


“Don’t forget to breathe!”




Monroe Instrumentals book REVISED

Finally the book of transcriptions “Monroe Instrumentals” has been revised and updated to include exact transcriptions of 25 of Bill Monroe’s recorded songs. This has been a long time in coming to fix mistakes and to dig in to add more details of the songs. “Monroe Instrumentals” and “Classic Bluegrass Solos (of Bill Monroe”) are essential transcription books for anyone who wants to study his style and technique.