Study With Todd

Martin tweak0001Todd teaches Mandolin, Guitar, and Banjo lessons out of his home in Basking Ridge, New Jersey (near Morristown). Todd teaches every range, from beginner to advanced in a variety of styles, with an emphasis on bluegrass, blues, swing and jazz.

He frequently uses his own books. Todd has transcribed many great solos in bluegrass, including those by Bill Monroe, David Grisman, Sam Bush and many others. He covers techniques such as hand and finger position, proper use of the pick, fretboard study, theory, improvisational concepts and reading both tablature and traditional music notation. He also encourages playing by ear and the use of formal exercises to build speed, strength, and tone.


Students start by learning melodies and chord changes of standard tunes. Scales/ modes, arpeggios, and positions in corresponding keys help students to understand how to create solos. Transcriptions of solos help to show how the great players approach soloing.


To be able to improvise bluegrass or jazz, students must have a total understanding of their instrument. Todd approaches this understanding with fretboard studies. Students will learn the neck both vertically and horizontally in all keys. The great improvisers have complete control over their instruments and are able to express their musical ideas anywhere on the neck at anytime.

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? PRACTICE!!

Skype lessons are available.

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